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Головна » 2017 » Травень » 29 » Welcome to our English Summer Camp 2017!
Welcome to our English Summer Camp 2017!

Літній мовний табір

Come and join the interactive summer camp. Creativity never ends. Improve your ENGLISH with fun, filled activities and discover our world.
Емблема табору10 days with us!
Time: 9:00 am to 13:00 pm
For students from 10 -13 years old
May 29 – June 9
Activities in our summer camp:
Fun time: playing and drama, telling stories.
English time: writing poems, watching movies, reading books, singing songs.
Workshop time: expressing your thoughts, building vocabulary/
Global citizenship education time: Learning children rights and responsibilities; social etiquettes.
Rest time: dancing, life skill based activities which can be done in a minute, painting and performing art and craft.

Our camp offers so much more than just a holiday. We’re an exciting world away from the everyday and an invigorating first taste of freedom where you can conquer your fears in the great outdoors and find tune your favourite hobbies while making new friends and experiencing an unforgettable time away from home.

Every day has different activities. Children, who enjoy being physically active and team, will love the outdoors games. Activities include: sports, group games with a focus on teamwork and fair play.

Days will include: exploration activities that help children gain an appreciation for the environment, hiking, arts and craft using natural materials. The participants of our camp will discuss and learn how to be part of a community where they can share our culture, how to be good citizen, respect and be kind to everyone. Our camp is a fun place to play and learn English.

Колінковецький мовний табір

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2016 - Рік англійської мови в Україні
2016 - Рік англійської мови в Україні
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